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Business2Cloud Xero Connector: Empower Your Business Data Analysis in Your Preferred Reporting Tool

Maximize the value of your Xero investment by seamlessly integrating it with various aspects of your business.

With our Business2Cloud Xero Connector, you gain the ability to analyse your business data through your preferred Business Intelligence (BI) solution, we have a lot of experience with Power BI. Whether you're a fan of Excel or rely on another reporting tool, our connector offers unparalleled flexibility and robust data discovery capabilities.

Unlock the potential of your reporting endeavors by effortlessly incorporating non-financial data and consolidating multiple Xero entities, even when dealing with different currencies. Our connector empowers you to effortlessly expand your reporting horizons and make informed decisions based on a comprehensive view of your business.

Discover the true power of your Xero data with Business2Cloud Xero Connector.

Customised Xero Integrations

Power-up your business processes by automatic regular information flow between Xero and other products

With Xero's 'web hook' technology, it's possible to monitor and respond to various accounting events (for example any Invoice or Contact activity) and use these events to trigger changes in other software systems, or email notifications etc - the sky (and your imagination) is the limit! For a real-world example of one of these customisations, check out this case study.

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